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This paper proposes a facial expression recognition system using evolutionary particle swarm optimization (PSO)-based feature optimization. The system first employs modified local binary patterns, which conduct horizontal and vertical neighborhood pixel comparison, to generate a discriminative initial facial representation. Then, a PSO variant embedded with(More)
In this paper, we present an intelligent conversational agent enriched with automatic image understanding and facial expression recognition using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques for the advancement of autonomous interaction with the elderly or infirm. The agent is developed to conduct health and emotion well-being monitoring for the elderly. It(More)
The increase in AP-1 activity is a hallmark of cell transformation by tyrosine kinases. Previously, we reported that blocking AP-1 using the c-Jun dominant negative mutant TAM67 induced senescence, adipogenesis, or apoptosis in v-Src-transformed chicken embryo fibroblasts (CEFs) whereas inhibition of JunD by short hairpin RNA (shRNA) specifically induced(More)
The activation of the growth arrest-specific (gas) p20K gene depends on the interaction of C/EBPβ with two elements of a 48-bp promoter region termed the quiescence-responsive unit (QRU). Here we identify extracellular signal-related kinase 2 (ERK2) as a transcriptional repressor of the p20K QRU in cycling chicken embryo fibroblasts (CEF). ERK2 binds to(More)
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