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This paper presents an initial conceptualisation of an approach to integrated sociotechnical system design based on cognitive work analysis (CWA). A convincing argument has already been made that the design of complex sociotechnical systems should be driven fundamentally by the goal of promoting adaptation and that a formative approach to work analysis,(More)
This paper proposes an approach for integrated system design, which has the intent of facilitating high levels of effectiveness in sociotechnical systems by promoting their capacity for adaptation. Building on earlier ideas and empirical observations, this approach recognizes that to create adaptive systems it is necessary to integrate the design of all of(More)
This paper examines the relationships and distinctions between existing design approaches based on cognitive work analysis (CWA). Emphasis is placed on considering the use of CWA for system design, as outlined by Vicente [18], and for integrated system design, as called for by Vicente [19] and developed by Naikar and Elix [8,9]. Of note are some key(More)
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