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Chronic stress is endemic to modern society. However, as it is unfeasible for physicians to continuously monitor stress levels, its diagnosis is nontrivial. Wireless body sensor networks offer opportunities to ubiquitously detect and monitor mental stress levels, enabling improved diagnosis, and early treatment. This article describes the development of a(More)
According to both cybernetics and general system theory, a subject develops and uses an adequate model of a system to widen his/her knowledge about the system. Models are then the interface between a subject and a real-world system to solve problem and to construct knowledge. Hence, evaluating these models is crucial to ensure the quality of the constructed(More)
This paper presents a study of the absorption of electromagnetic waves in the human head while using a mobile phone. This absorption is presented in the form of thermal effects of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields for long period or in the form of non-thermal effect for short period exposure. We therefore present the levels of absorption of(More)
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