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We present tailoring of the performances of thin multiplication layer InAlAs/InGaAs avalanche photodetectors (APDs) with operating voltages lower than 20 V. Their operating voltages, gain-voltage slopes and dark currents were successfully tailored by changing the electric field distributions in avalanche region. The thin multiplication layer APDs show small(More)
Effects of mesa etching and geometry on InGaAs/InAlAs avalanche photodiodes (APDs) were investigated by using both wet and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) etching with different mesa shapes as well as etchants. It was found that the mesa geometry had no evident impact on APDs' characteristics regardless of the etching techniques applied. Besides,(More)
InP-based strain-compensated InAs/In<inf>x</inf>Ga<inf>1-x</inf>As multiple quantum well lasers emitting at 2.5&#x2013;3.0 &#x03BC;m are realized on InAlAs metamorphic buffer layers. A long lasing wavelength up to 2.9 &#x03BC;m at 230 K in pulsed mode is achieved.
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