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IMPORTANCE The association of copy number variations (CNVs), differing numbers of copies of genetic sequence at locations in the genome, with phenotypes such as intellectual disability has been almost exclusively evaluated using clinically ascertained cohorts. The contribution of these genetic variants to cognitive phenotypes in the general population(More)
The Quality-Adjusted Time Without Symptoms or Toxicity (Q-TWiST) statistic previously introduced by Glasziou, Simes and Gelber (1990, Statistics in Medicine 9, 1259-1276) combines toxicity, disease-free survival, and overall survival information in assessing the impact of treatments on the lives of patients. This methodology has received positive reviews(More)
Congenital epulis, a rare benign neonatal tumor, is found more commonly in females and can be a cause of extreme anxiety in parents and health professionals. There is a potential of abnormal dentin development in surgically treated patients. These children should be followed by a pediatric dentist. A watchful approach rather than surgery is justified in(More)
Large-scale organizations are a ubiquitous element of modern society, yet few theories have been advanced to explain why they have come to dominate a wide variety of industries. I develop a theory that suggests that organizational growth and scale are contingent on intra-organizational coordination fostered by features of the twentieth-century business(More)
We present a novel 2D cellular automaton with rules that are a non-uniform generalization of a Moore-neighbourhood, outer-totalistic, two-state ("life-like") cellular automaton. The system is purely deterministic and exhibits interesting multi-scale emergent behaviour, including the spontaneous formation of mobile particles and other self-organizing(More)
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