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From ‘greenest government ever’ to ‘get rid of all the green crap’: David Cameron, the Conservatives and the environment
The environment was David Cameron’s signature issue underpinning his modernization agenda. In opposition the ‘Vote Blue, Go Green’ strategy had a positive impact on the party’s image: the environmentExpand
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Public Opinion Toward Homosexuality and Gay Rights in Great Britain
In this Poll Trends study, 13 different sources are used to document public opinion toward homosexuality and gay rights in Great Britain in the postwar period. Three broad sets of indicators areExpand
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The sociological and attitudinal bases of environmentally-related beliefs and behaviour in Britain
Whilst environmental issues are now a prominent part of the public policy agenda in Britain, less attention has been paid to the factors shaping contemporary public concern for the environment. TheExpand
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Exploring public opinion on the issue of climate change in Britain
Addressing the effects of climate change constitutes a complex and pressing public policy challenge requiring action at the national and international levels. Securing public support for initiativesExpand
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Examining Public Attitudes towards Recent Foreign Policy Issues: Britain's Involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts
This article assesses which factors underpin public attitudes towards two recent and controversial foreign policy issues: Britain's involvement in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Using dataExpand
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‘We No Longer Love You, But We Don’t Want To Leave You’: The Eurozone Crisis and Popular Euroscepticism in Greece
Abstract This article analyses whether and how public opinion towards the European Union (EU) in Greece has changed in the context of the current Eurozone crisis. It provides the first detailedExpand
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Religion and Public Opinion in Britain
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Which factors affect the chances of paid employment for individuals with visual impairment in Britain?
OBJECTIVES To analyze which factors affect the probability of people registered as blind and visually impaired in Britain being in paid employment. PARTICIPANTS Consist of 559 registeredExpand
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