Ben Blaiszik

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We report an in situ encapsulation method demonstrating over an order of magnitude size reduction for the preparation of urea–formaldehyde (UF) capsules filled with a healing agent, dicyclopentadiene (DCPD). Capsules with diameters as small as 220 nm are achieved using sonication techniques and an ultrahydrophobe to stabilize the DCPD droplets. The capsules(More)
Broad access to the data on which scientific results are based is essential for verification, reproducibility, and extension. Scholarly publication has long been the means to this end. But as data volumes grow, new methods beyond traditional publications are needed for communicating, discovering, and accessing scientific data. We describe data publication(More)
The efficiency and reliability of big data computing applications frequently depend on the ease with which they can manage and move large distributed data. For example, in x-ray science, both raw data and various derived data must be moved between experiment halls and archives, supercomputers, and user workstations for reconstruction, analysis,(More)
Microcapsules containing a liquid metal alloy core of gallium-indium (Ga-In) are prepared via in situ urea-formaldehyde (UF) microencapsulation. The capsule size, shape, thermal properties, and shell wall thickness are investigated. We prepare ellipsoidal capsules with major and minor diameter aspect ratios ranging from 1.64 to 1.08 and with major diameters(More)
Within and across thousands of science labs, researchers and students struggle to manage data produced in experiments, simulations, and analyses. Largely manual research data lifecycle management processes mean that much time is wasted, research results are often irreproducible, and data sharing and reuse remain rare. In response, we propose a new approach(More)
Introduction Self-healing materials are being developed to improve the lifetime of materials used in various applications including coatings, adhesives, structural components, and even microelectronics. The approach of using microencapsulation for self-healing has been particularly promising with proven success in coatings and in bulk epoxy. However, the(More)
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