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The effects of acute stressors on physiological responses of juvenile great sturgeon or beluga Huso huso L. were investigated in two experiments. In the first experiment, fish were handled by placing them in containers at either low density (LD, one fish l(-1)) or high density (HD, four fish l(-1)) for 60 s. Concentrations of plasma cortisol, glucose and(More)
Although papillary forms of intraductal cancer are a common component of amny mammary cancers, invasive papillary cancer of the breast is relatively rare. Only 35 examples were encountered in the specimens obtained from 1603 women participating in a prospective randomized study of invasive mammary cancer. Contingency-table analysis disclosed that invasive(More)
The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that downslope treadmill walking decreases spinal excitability. Soleus H-reflexes were measured in sixteen adults on 3 days. Measurements were taken before and twice after 20 min of treadmill walking at 2.5 mph (starting at 10 and 45 min post). Participants walked on a different slope each day [level(More)
Fibrin glue is a biologic two component hemostatic adhesive. Fibrin glue acts as an effective vascular plus after arterial injury without suture at pressures twice systolic. It is also effective on vein at physiologic pressures, however, venous distensibility precludes its efficacy beyond these limits. Recent studies have documented its utility as a preclot(More)
UNLABELLED Alterations in cerebral blood flow (CBF) are implicated in the etiology of portal-systemic encephalopathy. We hypothesized that CO2 reactivity of the cerebral circulation may be impaired in subjects with chronic liver disease (CLD) who also had subclinical portal-systemic encephalopathy (SPSE). We compared the relationship between PETCO2 and(More)