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AbstrAct The Internet has changed the way many companies do business, but has also tended to increase the disparity between firms in developed countries and those in developing countries. As the digital divide seems to grow, the question becomes how will developing countries catch up? We examine two large developing countries, China and India, in an attempt(More)
This article shows how the technical hype of 1990s has been transformed into the e-business organizations at the beginning of the 21st century. The authors took an interpretive stance in this study, grounded theory, and investigated the ontology of virtual organization by the metaphorical analysis. The metaphori-cal analysis adopted in this study provides(More)
The ever increasing scale of e-commerce has today presented a big range of choice for the customer. Customer uses online product reviews as a primary criterion to make a decision for his purchase. These product reviews are scattered all around the internet, and this data has a great potential value. However, it is also unstructured and written in a natural(More)
The entity-relationship (ER) model is clearly established as a conceptual model of choice when building relational database systems. Once the ER model is built, it can be mapped algorithmically to the relational model and consequently to the data definition language (DDL) of SQL. Algorithmic mapping of the ER model to the relational model can produce(More)
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