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As a rst part of a rigorous mathematical theory of non-commutative probability we present, starting from a set of canonical axioms, a complete classiication of the notions of non-commutative stochastic independence. Our result originates from a rst contribution and a conjecture by M. Sch urmann 21; 22] and is based on a fundamental paper by R. Speicher 26].(More)
— As the reach of the internet expands to cover ever broader aspects of our economic and social welfare, cybersecurity is emerging as a major concern for researchers and practitioners, dealing as it does with privacy, confidentiality, user authentication, etc. E-learning systems epitomize computing systems and networks of the internet generation, since they(More)
The ability to produce high-quality single-phase diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMS) is the driving factor to study DMS for spintronics applications. Fe-doped ZnO was synthesized by using a low-temperature co-precipitation technique producing Zn 1-x Fe x O nanoparticles (x= 0, 0.02, 0.04, 0.06, 0.08, and 0.1). Structural, Raman, density functional(More)
—This paper presents results of the quantification of security threats of e-learning system using an economic measure abridged by MFC (Mean Failure Cost). We study means to optimize this measure and to make it more precise, more useful in practice. First we develop basic security requirements taxonomy adapted to all context and systems because security(More)
Road-surface microtexture (sub-millimeter scale) is essential for pavement skid-resistance. However, its measurement is only possible in laboratory on cores taken from trafficked roads, and is time consuming. For an efficient road monitoring, it is necessary to develop faster methods and usable on-site. Collaboration has been developed for two years between(More)
Regim_1: local feature alone with SVM classification results and ARGs using detection scores of image concept as features. Regim_2: linear weighted learning image concept with SVM classification results for each concept using various feature representation choices. Regim_3: local feature alone with SVM classification results for each concept using various(More)
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