Ben Appleton

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In this paper, we address the computation of globally minimal curves and surfaces for image segmentation and stereo reconstruction. We present a solution, simulating a continuous maximal flow by a novel system of partial differential equations. Existing methods are either grid-biased (graph-based methods) or suboptimal (active contours and surfaces). The(More)
An approach to optimal object segmentation in the geodesic active contour framework is presented with application to automated image segmentation. The new segmentation scheme seeks the geodesic active contour of globally minimal energy under the sole restriction that it contains a specified internal point pint. This internal point selects the object of(More)
Shortest path algorithms are used for a large variety of optimisation problems in network and transportation analysis. They are also used in image analysis for object segmentation, disparity estimation, path .nding and crack detection. Sometimes the topology of the problem demands that the path be circular. Such circular path constraints occur in polar(More)
Path openings and closings are algebraic morphological operators using families of thin and oriented structuring elements that are not necessarily perfectly straight. These operators can typically be used in filtering applications in lieu of operators based on the more standard families of straight line structuring elements. They yield results which are(More)
The effects of high and low dietary protein intervention on the growth and development of hepatic preneoplastic lesions were examined. Inbred male F344 rats fed a semipurified (AIN-76) 20% casein diet were given doses orally of aflatoxin B1 (10 doses, each 250 micrograms/kg). One week after the last dose, animals were fed diets containing either 5 or 20%(More)
In this paper we present an image stitching method based on dynamic programming and describe its application to automated slide acquisition for Virtual Microscopy (VM). Given a large number of fields of view (FOVs) acquired from a single microscope slide, we composite these images into a single large ‘virtual slide’ image. The location of each FOV(More)
This paper describes an electrical model of cardiac ventricles incorporating real geometry and motion. The heart anatomy and its motion through the cardiac cycle are obtained from segmentations of multiple-slice MRI time sequences; the special conduction system is constructed using an automated mapping procedure from an existing static heart model. The(More)
Single shortest path extraction algorithms have been used in a number of areas such as network flow and image analysis. In image analysis, shortest path techniques can be used for object boundary detection, crack detection, or stereo disparity estimation. Sometimes one needs to find multiple paths as opposed to a single path in a network or an image where(More)
The application of energy minimisation methods for stereo matching has been demonstrated to produce high quality disparity maps. However the majority of these methods are known to be computationally expensive, requiring minutes or even hours of computation. We propose a fast minimisation scheme that produces strongly competitive results for significantly(More)