Ben Albrecht

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A summary of the technical advances that are incorporated in the fourth major release of the Q-CHEM quantum chemistry program is provided, covering approximately the last seven years. These include developments in density functional theory methods and algorithms, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) property evaluation, coupled cluster and perturbation(More)
The RST process is a ribbon process aimed at producing low cost and very thin multicrystalline silicon wafers, with a wafer cost perspective down to 10 €-cent/Wp, provided high conversion efficiency can be reached. A general approach has been identified for the achievement of 18% conversion efficiency on solar cells made out of the RST material. This(More)
operational difficulties at the 50-MHz profiler sites prevented us from routinely collecting reliable wind data for divergence calculations, several modifil::ations were made to improve the reliability of these systems. Despite these problems, reliable data were collectl~d during several periods when there was good cirrus development over the observing(More)
The micro-hybrid system in foil (HySiF) involves ultra-thin chips embedded and interconnected in polymer foil for diverse flexible electronic applications. In this paper, the concepts and results of wafer level embedding and interconnection of ultra-thin dies in polymers are presented. The significant achievement of the presented HySiF is the accurate(More)
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