Ben Ahmed Mohamed

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Localization has newly received research interest due to the success of the emerging wireless sensor network (WSN) technology. This interest is expected to grow further with the proliferation of wireless sensor network applications such as medicine, military, transport... In this context routing, protocols and technologies of communication on those wireless(More)
The medical information represents an invaluable source of knowledge concerning the medical history of the patient, but the manner of their presentation make it badly exploited. The idea of this paper is based on the analysis of the death reports written in natural language, which are rich of information, and can be exploited in the calculation of(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are one of the most interesting research areas and have become very popular technology. Each and every node in the wireless sensor networks can be stationary or mobility depending on the application requirement. Optimizing energy in mobile sensor network is a current challenge in recent research. It mainly focuses to minimize(More)
Urban road traffic is the heart of many problems: more recent years, this critical aspect involved every day is unfavorable to many fields, such as economics or ecology. For these reasons, the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have emerged to best optimize the expenditure of the user on often complex road networks. In this paper, after studying the(More)
Smart Antennas provide angle-of-arrival information, which can be used for localization and efficient routing of information in wireless sensor networks (WSN). The method of designing a communications link between different nodes of a Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) by electronically steering the beam using smart antenna is presented. A brief design details(More)
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