Ben A. Abbott

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Protecting recreational water quality where 'whole-of-body contact' activities occur is important from a public health and economic perspective. Numerous studies have demonstrated that infectious illnesses occur when swimming in faecally polluted waters. With the release of the 2008 Australian recreational water guidelines, the Western Australian (WA)(More)
The Center for Self-Organizing and Intelligent Systems at Utah State University has been engaged in a two year project to investigate the application of virtual reality and associated technologies as a means for assisting the disabled to steer and control motorized wheelchairs. There have already been several interesting investigations aimed at steering(More)
In the original OSI networking model, data are kept strictly within a given layer because strict boundaries between layers are enforced. Cross layer optimization removes such strict boundaries to allow communication between layers by permitting one layer to access the data of another layer to exchange information and enable interaction. In this paper, the(More)
The Garber-Wellington aquifer is an important source of drinking water in central Oklahoma. The formations making up the aquifer, the Garber Sandstone and the underlying Wellington Formation, consist of amalgamated fluvial sandstones interbedded with mudstones, siltstones, and some conglomerates (Breit et al., 1990). Water from some of the wells contains(More)
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