Benôıt Martin

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Braille cells have good potential to provide information. Users don't have to know the braille alphabet to be able to use them. In this study we show that it is possible to create 4 × 4 patterns to give the users some directional information. Two kinds of icons have been designed: static patterns and dynamic ones (animations). It appears that users rather(More)
Time-triggered architectures (TTA) and SCADE are both well-established technologies and tools for building safety-critical embedded software. Both are based on the same time-triggered approach; TTA for the communication infrastructure and SCADE for the application components. This paper presents the integration of these two technologies and tools for the(More)
This paper describes a SIMD optimization method for computing different Euclidean distance algorithms. Distance transforms have been widely applied to image analysis and pattern recognition problems. The proposed approach is based on the inherent fine and medium-grain parallelism of considered distance algorithms and has been implemented using Intel(More)
In the embedded (real-time) systems domain, data-flow based modeling tools like Matlab Simulink or SCADE<sup>reg</sup> are increasingly used, because they not only allow for specifying functionality at a level closer to the semantics and terminology of the application domain than a conventionally used programming language like C, but also to simulate the(More)
The BESSY II control system takes advantage of the mature stage of the EPICS toolkit and its contributed generic applications. Development activities have been focussed on three aspects. (1) Dominant role is given to device control IO, based on distributed local intelligence of embedded controllers and CAN fieldbus networks. (2) Cooperative development of(More)
This paper presents a status report on the 3081/E covering the processor hardware, interfacing capability, and accompanying software. Details of production figures and preliminary performance results are given. Plans for the use of arrays of 3081/Es for parallel event processing in both on-line and off-line systems are outlined.
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