Bemard Guerin

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The effect of a protonophoric uncoupler (CCCP) on the different cellular compartments was investigated in yeast grown aerobically on lactate. These cells were incubated in a resting cell medium under three conditions; in aerobiosis with lactate or glucose or in anaerobiosis with glucose as energetic substrate. For each condition, in vivo 31P NMR was used to(More)
The energization of rho + and rho degrees isolated mitochondria was measured using a tetraphenylphosphonium selective electrode. In both strains translocase mediated ATP/ADP exchange energization was observed. This energization was more sensitive to uncoupler than that induced by respiration in rho + mitochondria. This observation is in accordance with the(More)
Large and unselective permeabilities through the inner membrane of yeast mitochondria have been observed for more than 20 years, but the characterization of these permeabilities, leading to hypothesize the existence of a large-conductance unselective channel in yeast inner mitochondrial membrane, was done only recently by several groups. This channel has(More)
ATP induced swelling of isolated yeast mitochondria suspended in an isoosmotic solution of potassium gluconate. Valinomycin stimulated the swelling rate, indicating that K+ influx in the presence of ATP is rate-controlling. This swelling was inhibited by ADP, phosphate (probably acting on the external face of the inner membrane), and Mg2+, which forms a(More)
The aim of this work was a thermodynamic and kinetic study of the influence of varying external osmolarity on overall oxidative phosphorylations in isolated rat liver mitochondria. When external osmolarity is increased from 100 to 400 mosM by using a non-penetrant sugar: (i) matrix volume diminishes, (ii) state 3 respiratory rate decreases when state 4(More)
The energetic metabolism of rat C6 glioma cells has been investigated as a function of the proliferative and differentiation states under three-dimensional (3-D) growing conditions on microcarrier beads. First, the transient deprivation of glutamine from the culture medium induced a marked decrease in the growth rate and a differentiation of C6 cells(More)
Intracisternal administration of 6-hydroxydopamine to male Wistar rats produced a near complete depletion of noradrenaline levels, as measured by a radioenzymatic assay in micropunches sampled from the dorsal, lateral and ventral horns of the thoracic spinal cord. This drastic effect was reversed by pretreatment with desipramine, a pharmacological inhibitor(More)
Spheroplasts of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae oxidize pyruvate at a high respiratory rate, whereas isolated mitochondria do not unless malate is added. We show that a cytosolic factor, pyruvate decarboxylase, is required for the non-malate-dependent oxidation of pyruvate by mitochondria. In pyruvate decarboxylase-negative mutants, the oxidation of(More)