Bem Bradshaw

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Structure and function of skin are dependent upon interaction of the cells and matrix components that are unique to skin which, in turn, are dependent upon an interactive message system of cytokines acting over distance. Our laboratory has utilized a system which is sufficiently complex to permit a component of the skin to mature into a functional unit that(More)
This paper describes the Cambridge University Robot Football entry and our experiences in the RoboCup'98 Small Robot League of the held in Paris competition. In the competition we came top of our group, and fourth overall. We had the strongest group, with the team coming second in the group coming second overall in the end. This meant that we were able to(More)
Foster home care for the elderly, as an alternative to living independently, living with relatives or living in an institution, has been a neglected area of investigation, although such care is a nationwide phenomenon. This survey of all licensed Family Care Home operators in the Louisville, Kentucky area provides baseline data regarding the characteristics(More)
BACKGROUND The association of anal carcinoma with human papillomavirus (HPV) type 16 infection is well documented. Anal carcinoma is also frequently associated with a history of anogenital condylomata. More than 90% of anogenital condylomata contain HPV type 6 or 11. It is rare for a condylomatous lesion to contain HPV 16. We report the unusual case of a(More)