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  • V Yu Afremov, V S Ershova, +70 authors W N Kucera
  • 1999
REFERENCES References are arranged alphabetically by author(s) or title, then chronologically by year of publication, with the notation 'a', 'b', etc. after the year when there is more than one entry by the same author(s) in the same year. Author initial(s) are used; additional names are given in parentheses only where two different authors have the same(More)
In listening to speech, one typically reduces the number and variety of the many sounds with which he is bombarded by casting them into one or another of the phoneme 3 categories that his language allows. Thus, a listener will identify as b, for example, quite a large number of acoustically different sounds. Although these differences are likely to be many(More)
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Of course, the life and work of Belver Griffith is known to many of the faculty and students here at Drexel. Professor Kate McCain recently edited the Belver C. Griffith memorial issue of Scientometrics, which contains not only a short biography, but also a selective bibliography of 124 of his articles. 1 About half of these are included in the Science(More)