Bellur MadhavaRao Jyothi

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This paper describes a multiphase pulse width modulation (MPWM) technique used for controlling the luminance of a solid-state lamp (SSL). In conventional pulse width modulation (PWM) and pulse code modulation techniques, the average HBLED string current is controlled by simultaneously varying the " ON " time duration of each current regulator circuit,(More)
  • P Bhargavi, B Jyothi, S Jyothi, K Sekar
  • 2008
Text mining has been defined as " the discovery by computer of new, previously unknown information, by automatically extracting information from different written resources " [6]. Many other industries and areas can also benefit from the text mining tools that are being developed by a number of companies. This paper provides an overview of the text mining(More)
  • B Jyothi, B T P Madhav, V V S Murthy, P Syam Sundar, Vgkm Pisipati
  • 2012
There are so many techniques are available for feeding the microstrip patch antennas and each are having their own significance and impact on these antennas. The functional characteristics and output parameters of these microstrip antennas will be affected by choosing different feeding techniques. This paper deals with the comparative analysis of coaxial,(More)
Beta thalassemia is the most common cause of hemolytic anemia in India. Hereby we are reporting four cases of beta thalassemia major aged between 5 and 10 years posted for splenectomy over a period of 2 months. These patients were on repeated blood transfusions since the day of diagnosis, and two patients had a history of cardiac failure. In addition to(More)
  • Y Prashanthi, Y Aruna Suhasini, B Jyothi
  • 2013
This paper presents Design & Development of Multi level Anti theft security system to control the theft of a vehicle using GSM and Biometrics. The main objective of this is to offer an advanced security system in multiple levels to protect the car from unauthorized access using GSM technology. It provides a protected password to unlock the car and real time(More)
We proposed voltage-sourced converter (VSC) with Pulse-width modulation (PWM) provides a faster control that is required for flicker mitigation purpose. The voltage regulation in the distribution feeder is improved by installing a shunt compensator. The proposed DSTATCOM is modeled and its performance is simulated and verified for power factor correction(More)
BACKGROUND Telomerase is an RNA-dependent DNA polymerase that synthesizes TTAGGG telomeric DNA sequences and almost universally provides the molecular basis for unlimited proliferative potential. The telomeres become shorter with each cycle of replication and reach a critical limit; most cells die or enter stage of replicative senescence. Telomere length(More)
  • B Jyothi, B Jyothsna Rani, Gopal M Venu, Rao
  • 2012
This paper deals with a three-phase unified power quality conditioner (UPQC), with a combination of shunt active power filter and series active power filter is used to eliminate supply current harmonics, compensate reactive power, voltage sag and voltage swell compensation on distribution network. The performance of the active power filter mainly depends on(More)
The concept of multilevel inverters, introduced about 20 years ago entails performing power conversion in multiple voltage steps to obtain improved power quality, lower switching losses, better electromagnetic compatibility, and higher voltage capability. The benefits are especially clear for medium-voltage drives in industrial applications and are being(More)