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This paper analyzes a Question & Answer site for programmers, Stack Overflow, that dramatically improves on the utility and performance of Q&A systems for technical domains. Over 92% of Stack Overflow questions about expert topics are answered - in a median time of 11 minutes. Using a mixed methods approach that combines statistical data analysis(More)
The authors present a case for an ontology of finite algebras. This vocabulary is a direct response to the limitations of the formats employed by first-order model searchers, such as Mace4, and specialized software, such as UACalc. It will support a semantically rich format for algebra storage and interchange intended to improve the efficiency of(More)
Our study explores the effects of four interface domains (paper based, computer monitor based, augmented reality based and virtual reality based) on the experience of making a decision with special focus on the augmented reality domain. We wanted to see if an augmented reality system can be used to trace the decision making process or if it has too great of(More)
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