Bella Kalderon

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Adipose tissue lipolysis and fatty acid reesterification by liver and adipose tissue were investigated in rats fasted for 15 h under basal and calorigenic conditions. The fatty acid flux initiated by adipose fat lipolysis in the fasted rat is mostly futile and is characterized by reesterification of 57% of lipolyzed free fatty acid (FFA) back into adipose(More)
The profile of liver acyl-CoAs induced by dietary fats of variable compositions or by xenobiotic hypolipidemic amphipathic carboxylates was evaluated in vivo using a novel electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry methodology of high resolution, sensitivity, and reliability. The composition of liver fatty acyl-CoAs was found to reflect the(More)
It is well documented that in eukaryotic cells molecules of one protein can be located in several subcellular locations, a phenomenon termed dual targeting, dual localization, or dual distribution. The differently localized identical or nearly identical proteins are termed "echoforms." Our conventional definition of dual targeted proteins refers to(More)
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