Bella Graber

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Regional distribution of cerebral blood flow was assessed in 10 normal social drinkers following consumption of .75 g/kg alcohol and in a control session without alcohol. Alcohol increased blood flow in the gray matter in all brain areas except the left anterior area. The results are discussed in terms of the effect of alcohol on regional cerebral(More)
The relationship between size of cerebral ventricles in chronic schizophrenics and performance on a comprehensive neuropsychological battery, the Standardized Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery, was investigated. Ventricular size was determined by using a planimeter to measure the size of the lateral ventricles and the ventricular body, if present,(More)
An examination is made of the role of the pubococcygeus muscle in relation to female orgasm in 281 women. A statistically significant difference is reported between orgasmic and anorgasmic women and the physiological state of the pubococcygeus muscle as measured using a pressure sensitive device inserted in the vagina. These data suggest the pubococcygeus(More)
Research has suggested the presence of brain damage as a cause or concomitant of chronic schizophrenia. The most recent research in this area has been the identification of abnormalities in schizophrenia by computed tomographic (CT) scans. A study was done to investigate localized changes in CT scan density numbers in the brains of schizophrenic patients,(More)
Although the spectrum of psychosexual disorders is rather broad, there is a specific subgroup of sexual function disorders which has recently received wide attention due to the increased treatment success reported with the use of primarily behavioral means. Classification in this area, however, has been quite variable making replication of studies quite(More)
The Luria-Nebraska Battery has been shown to be a valid measure of neuropsychological functioning in younger adults; however, little validity research with the elderly has been reported. Seventy-eight healthy elderly adults (mean age = 72.2 years) were tested with the Luria-Nebraska Battery and 92% of the profiles were found to be within normal limits.(More)
We evaluated the effects of yohimbine (2 mg/kg) and naloxone (5 mg/kg), separately and in combination, on copulatory behavior in male rats. In Experiment 1, yohimbine evinced decrements in intromission frequency, ejaculation latency, and copulatory efficiency, whereas naloxone administration was followed by an increased ejaculation latency, and the(More)
Adipose tissue kinetics of chlorpromazine and imipramine, two drugs which are more lipophilic than thiopental, were studied in the rat. After single i.v. doses, the time-course of drug distribution was followed in adipose and various other tissues, until their concentrations in adipose tissues declined. Under these conditions the two drugs behaved almost(More)
The clinical efficacy of clozapine, an atypical antipsychotic, in treating levodopa-induced hallucinations was investigated in five patients with Parkinson's disease under open label conditions. Two patients could not tolerate clozapine, even in doses as low as 12.5-25 mg daily, because of extreme sedation. Three patients could tolerate clozapine and(More)