Belgacem Bouzaïene-Ayari

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Approximate dynamic programming offers a new modeling and algo-rithmic strategy for complex problems such as rail operations. Problems in rail operations are often modeled using classical math programming models defined over space-time networks. Even simplified models can be hard to solve, requiring the use of various heuristics. We show how to combine math(More)
There are a number of sources of randomness that arise in military airlift operations. However, the cost of uncertainty can be difficult to estimate, and is easy to overestimate if we use simplistic decision rules. Using data from Canadian military airlift operations, we study the effect of uncertainty in customer demands as well as aircraft failures, on(More)
Utilities face the challenge of responding to power outages due to storms and ice damage, but most power grids are not equipped with sensors to pinpoint the precise location of the faults causing the outage. Instead, utilities have to depend primarily on phone calls (trouble calls) from customers who have lost power to guide the dispatching of utility(More)
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