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The binding of the antitumoral ellipticine derivative 2-methyl-9-hydroxyellipticinium acetate (elliptinium; NMHE) to DNA was analyzed by the combined use of DNase I footprinting and spectroscopic methods. Using two fragments of pBR322 DNA, five discrete NMHE binding sites of 5-7 protected base pairs (bp) were detected by footprinting at 4 degrees C on the(More)
Sheep farming in Brazil has been proved to be a promising economical activity by the offering of products with increased interest. Infections with gastrointestinal parasites from family of Trichostrongylidae, especially represented by Haemonchus contortus, are one the most limiting problem in sheep production, aggravated by the increasing resistance of(More)
In order to target the major groove of DNA, we have designed novel peptide derivatives of 7-H pyridocarbazole, which is the chromophoric ring of ditercalinium, a potent antitumor bisintercalator. We will present here the results obtained with a compound that has a D-Asn tethered to the pyridinium nitrogen of the ring by a protonated beta-alanyl-ethyl chain.(More)
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