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The binding of the antitumoral ellipticine derivative 2-methyl-9-hydroxyellipticinium acetate (elliptinium; NMHE) to DNA was analyzed by the combined use of DNase I footprinting and spectroscopic methods. Using two fragments of pBR322 DNA, five discrete NMHE binding sites of 5-7 protected base pairs (bp) were detected by footprinting at 4 degrees C on the(More)
In order to target the major groove of DNA, we have designed novel peptide derivatives of 7-H pyridocarbazole, which is the chromophoric ring of ditercalinium, a potent antitumor bisintercalator. We will present here the results obtained with a compound that has a D-Asn tethered to the pyridinium nitrogen of the ring by a protonated beta-alanyl-ethyl chain.(More)
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