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The experience of treatment of 55 patients, suffering varicose disease of the lower extremities, using endovascular laser coagulation in combination with crossectomy and operation according to Babcock method, was analyzed. Good and excellent results were achieved in 53 (96.4%) patients, complications have had occurred in 1 (1.8%).
(1) The telecommunication process never has had to be secure in the past. The telecommunication service provider has been isolated legally from any obligation to protect the confidentiality of the messages that moved through its facilities. And, the typical user of those facilities very rarely has attempted to communicate anything that was sensitive, or(More)
(1) This is not a sign$cantprobkm; it willgo away $the news media will quii talking about it. In the case of the hackers, news people eventually did turn their attention to other things. Unfortunately, the hacker problem did not go away; it quietly became progressively worst. There is no reason to believe that anything different will occur with respect to(More)