Belaid Benhamou

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Many propositional calculus problems — for example the Ramsey or the pigeon-hole problems — can quite naturally be represented by a small set of first-order logical clauses which becomes a very large set of propositional clauses when we substitute the variables by the constants of the domainD. In many cases the set of clauses contains several symmetries,(More)
The satisfiability problem (SAT) is shown to be the first decision NP-complete problem. It is central in complexity theory. A CNF formula usually contains an interesting number of symmetries. That is, the formula remains invariant under some variable permutations. Such permutations are the symmetries of the formula, their elimination can lead to make a(More)
Implementation of intrusion detection systems with agent technology is one of the new paradigms for intrusion detection for computer systems. In this paper, we propose a distributed intrusion detection framework based on autonomous and mobile agents. In this framework, the mobile agent platform "aglets" is utilized. The system has five types of agents:(More)