Belaid Benhamou

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Constraint satisfaction problems (CSP's) involve nding values for variables subject to constraints on which combinations of values are permitted. Symmetrical values of a CSP variable are in a sense redundant. Their removal will simplify the problem space. In this paper we give the principle of symmetry and show that the concept of interchangeability(More)
Many propositional calculus problems — for example the Ramsey or the pigeon-hole problems — can quite naturally be represented by a small set of first-order logical clauses which becomes a very large set of propositional clauses when we substitute the variables by the constants of the domainD. In many cases the set of clauses contains several symmetries,(More)
Implementation of intrusion detection systems with agent technology is one of the new paradigms for intrusion detection for computer systems. In this paper, we propose a distributed intrusion detection framework based on autonomous and mobile agents. In this framework, the mobile agent platform "aglets" is utilized. The system has five types of agents:(More)
Finite model search for first-order logic theories is complementary to theorem proving. Systems like Falcon, SEM and FMSET use the known LNH (Least Number Heuristic) heuristic to eliminate some trivial symmetries. Such symmetries are worthy, but their exploitation is limited to the first levels of the model search tree, since they disappear as soon as the(More)
Symmetries abound in logically formulated problems where many axioms are universally quantified, as this is the case in equational theories. Two complementary approaches have been used so far to dynamically tackle those symmetries: prediction and detection. The best-known predictive symmetry elimination method is the least number heuristic (lnh). A more(More)