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Butterfly needle (18 G) was used for intraosseous administration of fluids and drugs in 22 children with shock. All except one patient could be stabilized successfully. Fifteen children had severe dehydration because of diarrhoea. The intraosseous route needs to be popularized as an option for rehydration in areas, where diarrhoeal dehydration continues to(More)
Leptospirosis has a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations varying, from inapparent influenza like illness to fulminant fatal disease with hepato-renal dysfunction and hemorrhagic phenomena. Our cases had fever, puffiness, respiratory distress and bleeding diathesis as leading manifestations. Leptospirosis was suspected in view of epidemic situation(More)
Purple Glove Syndrome is a grave complication of intravenous phenytoin administration that is unfamiliar to many in the medical profession. It presents with edema, pain and bluish-purple discolouration of the limb and can lead to gangrenous changes in severe cases. Mild cases can be managed conservatively, with a positive outcome, whereas severe cases may(More)