Belén Gordillo

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Different white winemaking byproducts (pomace, skins, seeds, and stems) were compared as natural sources of phenolic compounds having biological and sensory properties of enological interest.(More)
The stabilization of red wine color by the copigmentation phenomenon is a crucial process that does not always proceed favorably under natural conditions during the first stages of vinification. The(More)
Chemical composition of seeds changes during grape ripening and this affects the sensory properties of wine. In order to control the features of wines, the condition of seeds is becoming an important(More)
New colorimetric variables have been defined in the uniform CIELAB color space to assess the quantitative and qualitative color changes induced by copigmentation and their incidence on visual(More)
Roselle is a plant that accumulates anthocyanins significantly, hence its importance as food coloring and as a source of antioxidant compounds for human health. This study was aimed to determine(More)