Belén Carro

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Electricity is indispensable and of strategic importance to national economies. Consequently, electric utilities make an effort to balance power generation and demand in order to offer a good service at a competitive price. For this purpose, these utilities need electric load forecasts to be as accurate as possible. However, electric load depends on many(More)
One of the main challenges of today’s society is the need to fulfill at the same time the two sides of the dichotomy between the growing energy demand and the need to look after the environment. Smart Grids are one of the answers: intelligent energy grids which retrieve data about the environment through extensive sensor networks and react accordingly to(More)
Short-Term Load Forecasting plays a significant role in energy generation planning, and is specially gaining momentum in the emerging Smart Grids environment, which usually presents highly disaggregated scenarios where detailed real-time information is available thanks to Communications and Information Technologies, as it happens for example in the case of(More)
Sc, Y, Th, Cu and rare earth elements (REE) concentrations have been analyzed in 14 samples of surface sediments and in two gravity cores by means of ICP-MS. Mean concentrations of Sc, Y and Th in surface sediments are 6.23, 4.76 and 16.30 ppm, respectively, lower than those present in the Upper Continental Crust (UCC). Cu concentration in these sediments(More)
The gap between University curricula in engineering, and profiles required by companies represents a problem that remains unsolved. Themain two reasons behind this decoupling are the absence of certain specific applied subjects and a lack of knowledge regarding updated technological innovations that are already introduced in the business world. The PAVEs(More)
Understanding of energy consumption patterns is extremely important for optimization of resources and application of green trends. Traditionally, analyses were performed for large environments like regions and nations. However, with the advent of Smart Grids, the study of the behavior of smaller environments has become a necessity to allow a deeper(More)