Belén Albela

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Two new structural and functional models of the Mn-catalase with formula [{Mn(III)(bpy)(H2O)}(μ-2-MeOC6H4CO2)2(μ-O){Mn(III)(bpy)(X)}]X, where X = NO3 (1) and ClO4 (2) and bpy = 2,2'-bipyridine, were(More)
The reaction of N-n-Bu(4)MnO(4) or NaMnO(4) with appropriate reagents in ethanol-pyridine leads to the high-yield formation of new mixed-valence trinuclear oxo-centered Mn(III,III,II) complexes of(More)
The accessibility of metal(II) complexes in 2D hexagonal mesostructured porous silicas obtained by direct synthesis is controlled using an appropriate organosilane ligand. This is exemplified here(More)