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Hepatic pseudocyst formation is a rare intra-abdominal complication of ventriculoperitoneal shunts. The presence of an intracranial tumor and a history of central nervous system infection are major risk factors for the development of this complication. Hepatic pseudocysts secondary to ventriculoperitoneal shunts can be classified as intra- and extra-axially(More)
The fact that BRCA genes operate as tumor suppressors is evident from the genetics of the different human disorders caused by inherited mutations. Germline mutations affecting 1 allele of either BRCA1 or BRCA2 confer susceptibility to different types of cancers such as breast cancer and medulloblastoma. A family with a history of cancer was identified in(More)
Proximal migration of the distal end of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt has been observed much more rarely than other numerous shunt-related complications. Subgaleal migration of the peritoneal end is one of the samples. In the preset report we have discussed a case of subgaleal migration of the peritoneal end detected as a result of the examinations performed(More)
AIM To evaluate the correlation between the dimensions of ischemic and hemorrhagic lesions detected by diffusion MRI and the changes in lesion dimensions with serum NT-proBNP levels in mild and moderate head trauma. MATERIAL AND METHODS 30 patients were assessed in our study. A control group of 10 individuals with no trauma history was formed in order to(More)
An eight-month-old male child was admitted with weakness and swelling in the feet. Paraparesis and bilateral lower extremity edema were present in the neurological examination. Thoracic MRI showed an intradural intramedullary mass 61 x 11 mm in size in the T5-T10 levels. Laminotomy between the T5-T10 vertebrae was performed. A mass with smooth borders was(More)
AIM We examined the clinical progress of low back pain and radicular pain during the premenstrual period in patients with lumbar disc protrusion and discussed the probable effective physiopathological mechanisms and laboratory results reported in the literature. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifty female patients with complaints of low back and leg pain, and with(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate free fatty acid levels and histopathologic changes in the brain of rats fed a high fructose diet and to evaluate the effects of Mucuna pruriens, known to have antidiabetic activity, on these changes. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study comprised of 28 mature female Wistar rats. The rats were divided into four groups, each included 7(More)