Bekele J. Gurmessa

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Localized deformation is ubiquitous in many natural and engineering materials as they approach failure, and a significant effort has been made to understand localization processes with simple continuum models. Real materials are much more commonly heterogeneous but it is unclear exactly how heterogeneity affects outcomes. In this work we study the response(More)
We use optical tweezers microrheology and fluorescence microscopy to apply nonlinear microscale strains to entangled and cross-linked actin networks, and measure the resulting stress and actin filament deformations. We couple nonlinear stress response and relaxation to the velocities and displacements of individual fluorescent-labeled actin segments, at(More)
Polymer glasses have numerous advantageous mechanical properties in comparison to other materials. One of the most useful is the high degree of toughness that can be achieved due to significant yield occurring in the material. Remarkably, the onset of plasticity in polymeric materials is very poorly quantified, despite its importance as the ultimate limit(More)
Actin is a key component of the cytoskeleton, which plays central roles in cell motility, division, growth, and tensile strength. To enable this wide range of transient mechanical processes and properties, networks of actin filaments continuously disassemble and reassemble via active de/re-polymerization. However, the question remains as to how(More)
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