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We present a micropump with a simple planar design featuring compliant in-contact check valves in a single layer, which allows for a simple structure and easy system integration. The micropump, based on poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS), primarily consists of a pneumatically driven thin membrane, a pump chamber, and two in-plane check valves. The pair of check(More)
It can be observed from the experimental data of different processes that different process parameter combinations can lead to the same performance indicators, but during the optimization of process parameters, using current techniques, only one of these combinations can be found when a given objective function is specified. The combination of process(More)
This paper presents the development of a pianoplaying robot in order to provide people a mean of entertainment. The design and development of this research include two parts: the design of a dexterous hand for manipulating a piano and a linear motion control system. The paper first discussed the design of dexterous hand, and a CAD model is created to(More)
According to the chaotic features and typical fractional order characteristics of the bearing vibration intensity time series, a forecasting approach based on long range dependence (LRD) is proposed. In order to reveal the internal chaotic properties, vibration intensity time series are reconstructed based on chaos theory in phase-space, the delay time is(More)
A scheme of a model reference adaptive system (MRAS) based on the theory of parameter optimization for the PMSM servo system is described in this paper. The scheme can promptly work out the speed of the rotor without any other position/speed sensor. Different from the other MRAS-based speed observers which constructed according the theory of stability(More)
Welding fixtures are the most important devices for an automotive body welding assembly line. Aimed to detect dimensional deviation and control working quality in auto body assembly process of welding fixtures, this paper proposes detecting model based on auto body coordinate system, and develops a real-time detection and adaptive control system using eddy(More)
The Geneva mechanism has been used for timing applications such as clocks, watches and film projectors so using the great timing features it possesses would be ideal. This research explores a totally different internal combustion design in automotive industry which revolves around the Geneva mechanism. The pins and slots of the mechanism form the combustion(More)
Currently as a main way of piezoelectricity micro-feed implementation, PID control arithmetic often gives out the uncertainty in restraint of control object, and so that the precision and response speed cannot meet the use's needs. A new type of micro-feed control system in ultra-precision grinder is proposed, which makes up the disadvantage of traditional(More)