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Strobilanthes tonkinensis Lindau is a genus of perennial plants, of the Acanthaceae, originating in Yunnan Province of China and also distributed in Thailand and Vietnam 1 . It is a natural spice and medicinal plant, sevving as a traditional tea beverage in the Dai ethnic minority of China for a long time 2 . S. tonkinensis has been proved to show a wide(More)
In the paper, we study the spin-weighted spheroidal wave functions in the case of s = m = 0. Their eigenvalue problem is investigated by the perturbation method in supersymmetric quantum mechanics (SUSYQM). For the ground state, the first three terms of ground eigenvalue and eigenfunction in parameter α = aw are obtained. The obtained ground eigenfunction(More)
The perturbation method in supersymmetric quantum mechanics (SUSYQM) is used to study the spheroidal wave functions’ eigenvalue problem. Expanded by the parameter α, the first order term of ground eigen-value and the eigen-function are gotten. In virtue of the good form of the first term in the superpotential and its shape-invariant property in the first(More)
The effect of the recently observed 2.6 σ deviation of the muon anomalous magnetic moment (aμ = (gμ − 2)/2) from its Standard Model prediction is examined within the framework of supergravity models with grand unification and R parity invariance. The constraints of the Higgs mass bounds, the b → sγ bounds (including the large tan β NLO corrections) and the(More)
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