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Measuring perceptual similarity and defining an appropriate similarity measure between trademark images remain largely unanswered. Most researchers used the Euclidean distance. This measure considers the difference in magnitude, rather than just the correlation of the features. We propose a new method based on cosine distance and normalized distance(More)
The newly developed enhanced hexagonal-based search using point-oriented inner search (EHS-POIS) enormously speeds up hexagon-based search (HS). From a different perspective, an inherent correlation between distortion and spatial direction through statistical analysis is found. Based on the observed distortion distribution, a novel enhanced hexagonalbased(More)
To segment the overlapping cells in microscopic images, an automatic method for cell image segmentation based on bottleneck detection and ellipse fitting is proposed. Firstly, cell image is segmented by threshold method, followed by a polygonal approximation to extract the feature points of cell edge. Secondly, candidate splitting point pairs are obtained(More)
The sub-block-based image retrieval method utilizes global and local image features to retrieve trademarks through separating individual an images into some blocks. This paper proposes a sub-block-based trademark image retrieval algorithm under the polar coordinate system. Experiment results show that our algorithm can keep excellent invariance in image(More)
This article presents a motion recognition strategy with rejection ability to extract the meaningful actions according to a given set of motion classes, or categories or types and reject such input patterns whose categories are not known. During the online recognition phrase, the multiple one-versus-one support vector machines are aggregated with the(More)
Inspired by biological vision systems, the over-complete local features with huge cardinality are increasingly used for face recognition during the last decades. Accordingly, feature selection has become more and more important and plays a critical role for face data description and recognition. In this paper, we propose a trainable feature selection(More)
Considering a "target" image with complex scene, a novel method for regionally transferring colors from a set of "source" color images to the complex "target" image is presented. An improved EM (expectation-maximization) algorithm is first adopted to approximately model the regional color distribution of the target image by using Gaussian mixture model(More)