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Named data networking
The NDN project investigates Van Jacobson's proposed evolution from today's host-centric network architecture (IP) to a data-centricnetwork architecture (NDN), which has far-reaching implications for how the authors design, develop, deploy, and use networks and applications. Expand
Named Data Networking (NDN) Project
A global center for commercial innovation, PARC, a Xerox company, works closely with enterprises, entrepreneurs, government program partners and other clients to discover, develop, and deliver newExpand
A case for stateful forwarding plane
An initial design of NDN's forwarding plane is described and the results show that this stateful forwarding plane can successfully circumvent prefix hijackers, avoid failed links, and utilize multiple paths to mitigate congestion. Expand
Host multicast: a framework for delivering multicast to end users
A Host Multicast Tree Protocol (HMTP) is proposed that automates the interconnection of IP-multicast enabled islands and provides multicast delivery to end hosts where IP multicast is not available. Expand
OSPFN: An OSPF Based Routing Protocol for Named Data Networking
In order to provide name-based routing capability in NDN, OSPF is extended to distribute name prexes and calculate routes to namePrexes and the protocol is currently deployed in the NDN testbed. Expand
NLSR: named-data link state routing protocol
NLSR's main design choices are discussed, including a hierarchical naming scheme for routers, keys, and routing updates, a hierarchical trust model for routing within a single administrative domain, a hop-by-hop synchronization protocol to replace the traditional network-wide flooding for routing update dissemination, and a simple way to rank multiple forwarding options. Expand
GreenTE: Power-aware traffic engineering
This paper proposes an intra-domain traffic engineering mechanism, GreenTE, which maximizes the number of links that can be put into sleep under given performance constraints such as link utilization and packet delay. Expand
NFD Developer's Guide
NFD’s internals are explained including the overall design, major modules, their implementations, and their interactions to help developers extend and improve NFD. Expand
Adaptive forwarding in named data networking
The design of NDN's adaptive forwarding is outlined, its potential benefits are articulated, and open research issues are identified. Expand
PHAS: A Prefix Hijack Alert System
This paper presents a new Prefix Hijack Alert System (PHAS), a real-time notification system that alerts prefix owners when their BGP origin changes, and illustrates the effectiveness of PHAS and evaluates its overhead using BGP logs collected from RouteViews. Expand