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In order to support police officers in their daily activities, we have designed a rule-based system which can deliver contextualized information to police officers, thus supporting decision making. In particular, we present a framework that has been designed on the basis of requirements elicited in a previous study, focusing on the rule language and the(More)
We proposed a new algorithm for automatic identification of fluorescent signal. Based on the features of chromatographic chips, mathematic morphology in RGB color space was used to filter and enhance the images, pyramid connection was used to segment the areas of fluorescent signal, and then the method of Gaussian Mixture Model was used to detect the(More)
We present a rule-based architecture (CIDA) for the provision of relevant information tailored to the user's current context, which consists of an ontology-based context model (ConAD) and a rule engine (RARE). ConAD is extensible to characterize the contextual situations in urban environments, and RARE supports the reconfiguration of the behavior of systems(More)
We present Durchblick, a conference assistance system for Augmented Reality devices. We demonstrate a prototype which can deliver context-sensitive event information and recommendations via Google Glass. This prototype incorporates semantic data from user-specific and public sources to build user profiles, maintains rich context information and employs(More)
Coupled modified nonlinear Schrödinger(CMNLS) equations describe the pulse propagation in the picosecond or femtosecond regime of the birefringent optical fibers. In this paper, we use the Fokas method to analyze the initial-boundary value problem for the CMNLS equations on the half-line. Assume that the solution u(x, t) and v(x, t) of CMNLS equations are(More)
Nitrous oxide (N2O) is one of the main greenhouse gases, which contributes to the global warming and ozone destruction. Sediment cores and river water were collected from an urban and a suburban river for N2O efflux measurement at the sediment-water interface and the factor-controlled incubations to investigating the N2O effluxes under varying conditions of(More)