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BACKGROUND & AIMS Paritaprevir (administered with ritonavir, PTV/r), ombitasvir (OBV), and dasabuvir (DSV) are direct-acting antiviral agents (DAAs) for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Thirteen studies were conducted to characterize drug-drug interactions for the 3D regimen of OBV, PTV/r, and DSV and various medications in(More)
In order to support police officers in their daily activities, we have designed a rule-based system which can deliver contextualized information to police officers, thus supporting decision making. In particular, we present a framework that has been designed on the basis of requirements elicited in a previous study, focusing on the rule language and the(More)
Dystonia is characterized by sustained muscle contractions, causing repetitive movements and abnormal postures. The epidemiological study of dystonia of Chinese population was limited reported. In this study, we investigated the epidemiology of primary dystonia, and its clinical characteristics in an adult population in China. We identified all dystonia(More)
Nitrous oxide (N2O) is one of the main greenhouse gases, which contributes to the global warming and ozone destruction. Sediment cores and river water were collected from an urban and a suburban river for N2O efflux measurement at the sediment-water interface and the factor-controlled incubations to investigating the N2O effluxes under varying conditions of(More)
Surface topography has significant influence on good and fast osseointegration of biomedical implants. In this work, ultrasonic shot peening was conducted to modify titanium to produce nanograined (NG) surface. Its ability to induce new bone formation was evaluated using an in vivo animal model. We demonstrated that the NG surface enhanced osteoblast(More)
We present Durchblick, a conference assistance system for Augmented Reality devices. We demonstrate a prototype which can deliver context-sensitive event information and recommendations via Google Glass. This prototype incorporates semantic data from user-specific and public sources to build user profiles, maintains rich context information and employs(More)