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In this paper, an injecting method of physical damping to haptic interfaces is proposed. For injecting adjustable physical damping, time-domain passivity controller is implemented in hardware level with FPGA. Noise free velocity signal can be estimated with T-method. Instead of force command from the virtual environment, directly measured current signal(More)
In this paper, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based time domain Passivity Observer and Passivity Controller is proposed to improve the stability range of haptic interfaces. A simplified PO/PC algorithm is implemented on FPGA for improving the control efficiency. Thanks to the fast sampling rate and the parallel processing ability of the FPGA, the(More)
Optimal insertion angle of mammalian stereocilia is estimated from the finite element analysis of the tip motion of outer hair cells (OHCs) stereocilia. The OHC stereocilia motion in the acousticolateral system appears to result in the mechanoelectrical transduction channels. Deflection of the hair bundle towards the tallest row of stereocilia causes(More)
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