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In this paper, we define and study a novel text mining problem, which we refer to as Comparative Text Mining (CTM). Given a set of comparable text collections, the task of comparative text mining is to discover any latent common themes across all collections as well as summarize the similarity and differences of these collections along each common theme.(More)
Electron beam lithography (EBL) is a promising maskless solution for the technology beyond 14nm logic node. To overcome its throughput limitation, recently the traditional EBL system is extended into MCC system. In this paper, we present E-BLOW, a tool to solve the overlapping aware stencil planning (OSP) problems in MCC system. E-BLOW is integrated with(More)
Conditional functional dependencies (CFDs) have recently been proposed as a useful integrity constraint to summarize data semantics and identify data inconsistencies. A CFD augments a functional dependency (FD) with a pattern tableau that defines the context (i.e., the subset of tuples) in which the underlying FD holds. While many aspects of CFDs have been(More)
Most existing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems support only title-based searches and are limited in functionality when compared to today's search engines. In this paper, we present the design of a distributed P2P information sharing system that supports semantic-based content searches of relevant documents. First, we propose a general and extensible framework for(More)
As minimum feature size and pitch spacing further decrease, triple patterning lithography (TPL) is a possible 193nm extension along the paradigm of double patterning lithography (DPL). However, there is very little study on TPL layout decomposition. In this paper, we show that TPL layout decomposition is a more difficult problem than that for DPL. We then(More)
As the feature size of semiconductor process further scales to sub-16nm technology node, triple patterning lithography (TPL) has been regarded one of the most promising lithography candidates. M1 and contact layers, which are usually deployed within standard cells, are most critical and complex parts for modern digital designs. Traditional design flow that(More)
Recently there has been increasing interest in constructing general-purpose political opinion classifiers for applications in e-Rulemaking. This problem is generally modeled as a sentiment classification task in a new domain. However, the classification accuracy is not as good as that in other domains such as customer reviews. In this paper, we report the(More)
In this paper, we present a free-and-easy data publishing and sharing system based on folksonomy. The system accepts data objects described with user-created metadata, called data units. The system supports flexible structure on the data units, and places no restrictions on the vocabulary used. We devise a generic table model for storing and representing(More)
We revisit voltage partitioning problem when the mapped voltages of functional units are predetermined. If energy consumption is estimated by formulation E=CV<sup>2</sup>,a published work claimed this problem was NP-hard. We clarify that it is polynomial solvable, then propose an optimal algorithm, its time complexity is O(nk+k<sup>2</sup>d) which is best(More)