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A text usually contains multiple semantic units corresponding to various reading requests from users. One semantic unit represents a topic that people are interested in reading. A meaningful combination of semantic units can represent a certain aspect of the text. This paper proposes a mechanism that can extract the semantic units from text according to the(More)
SECI model has been proposed as a knowledge management technique nowadays. The author proposed to apply SEC1 Model in the knowledge management in library. SECI Model and three modes in library were introduced at first. Then Strategies of library based on SECI Model were given, aiming to supply reference for library to become the platform of sharing and(More)
Numerous critical Internet applications with high-quality services, such as Web directory, search engine, Web crawler, recommendation system and user profile detector, etc. Almost depend on the efficient and accurate of web page classification system. Traditional supervised or semi-supervised machine learning methods become more and more difficult to adapt(More)
The performance of classification models extremely relies on the quality of training data. However, label imperfection is an inherent fault of training data, which is impossible manually handled in big data environment. Various methods have been proposed to remove label noises in order to improve classification quality, with the side effect of cutting down(More)