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Open source software facilitates software reuse as developers can learn from code in existing open source projects. However, license compliance is an important legal issue that should be taken into consideration during open source based software reuse. Ignorance or carelessness could result in huge financial losses. In this paper, we present LChecker, a(More)
The low survival rate of cardiac stem cells (CSCs) in the infarcted myocardium hampers cell therapy for ischemic cardiomyopathy. MicroRNA-21 (miR-21) and one of its target proteins, PTEN, contribute to the survival and proliferation of many cell types, but their prosurvival effects in c-kit+ CSC remain unclear. Thus, we hypothesized that miR-21 reduces(More)
News articles from different sources reporting the same event are often associated with an enormous amount of reader comments resulting in difficulty in digesting the comments manually. Some of these comments, despite coming from different sources, discuss about a certain facet of the event. On the other hand, some comments discuss on the specific topic of(More)
News reader comments found in many on-line news websites are typically massive in amount. We investigate the task of Cultural-common Topic Detection (CTD), which is aimed at discovering common discussion topics from news reader comments written in different languages. We propose a new probabilistic graphical model called MCTA which can cope with the(More)
Entity Set Expansion (ESE) aims at automatically acquiring instances of a specific target category. Unfortunately, traditional ESE methods usually have the expansion boundary problem and the semantic drift problem. To resolve the above two problems, this paper proposes a probabilistic Co-Bootstrapping method, which can accurately determine the expansion(More)
Many news websites from different regions in the world allow readers to write comments in their own languages about an event. Digesting such enormous amount of comments in different languages is difficult. One elegant way to digest and organize these comments is to detect latent discussion topics with the consideration of language attributes. Some(More)
The low survival rate of cardiac stem cells (CSCs) in the ischemic myocardium is one of the obstacles in ischemic cardiomyopathy cell therapy. The MicroRNA (miR)-21 and one of its target protein, the tensin homolog deleted on chromosome ten (PTEN), contributes to the proliferation of many kinds of tissues and cell types. It is reported that miR-21 promotes(More)
In this paper, we investigate the task of Multilingual Viewpoint Detection (MVD) on multilingual news reader comments. To tackle the MVD task, we propose a new probabilistic graphical model called VDMC to discover latent common viewpoints from multilingual news reader comments. Our VDMC model can cope with the language gap and detect common multilingual(More)