Bei-Chuan Zhou

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A new iron hydrogen phosphate, heptairon bis(phosphate) tetrakis(hydrogenphosphate), Fe(7)(PO(4))(2)(HPO(4))(4), has been prepared hydrothermally and characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The compound has one Fe atom on an inversion centre and is isostructural with Mn(7)(PO(4))(2)(HPO(4))(4) and Co(7)(PO(4))(2)(HPO(4))(4). The structure is(More)
Two cyano-bridged Gd(III)-Cr(III) complexes [Gd(urea)(4)(H(2)O)(2)](2)[Cr(CN)(6)](2) (1) and ([Gd(capro)(2)(H(2)O)(4)Cr(CN)(6)].H(2)O)(n)(2) (capro represents caprolactam) have been synthesized and characterized structurally and magnetically. Complex 1 has a tetranuclear Gd(2)Cr(2) square structure, in which two cis-CN(-) ligands of each [Cr(CN)(6)] link(More)
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