Behzad Vafakhah

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The field-oriented control of induction machines is widely used in high-performance applications. However, detuning caused by parameter disturbances still limits the performance of these drives. In order to accomplish variable-speed operation, conventional PID-like controllers are commonly used. These controllers provide limited good performance over a wide(More)
A multilevel interleaved discontinuous space-vector pulsewidth modulation (DSVPWM) method is presented for a three-level three-phase pulsewidth modulation (PWM) voltage source inverter using a three-phase split-wound coupled inductor. The selection of a suitable PWM switching scheme for this topology is based on the dual requirements for a high-quality(More)
Multicarrier interleaved pulsewidth modulation (PWM) techniques are presented for a five-level neutral point clamped inverter using a three-phase coupled inductor. The inverter operation is demonstrated using a simple multicarrier interleaved PWM algorithm. Since both the inverter and inductor power losses are closely linked to the magnitude of the inductor(More)
A five-/nine-level twelve-switch inverter is described for three-phase high-speed electric machines having a low per-unit leakage reactance. By reducing the voltage blocking requirement of the semiconductors, the neutral-point-clamped (NPC) variant of the coupled inductor (CI) inverter topology (NPC-CI) is more suited to high dc bus voltages than the(More)
A proportional-integral and fuzzy-logic speed controllers operating in indirect field-orientation are designed and compared experimentally in this paper, using a 2-HP 3-phase induction machine drive. The speed tracking capability of the two controllers are compared under no-load and various load conditions with different reference speeds. The performances(More)
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