Behzad Razavi

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Injection locking characteristics of oscillators are derived and a graphical analysis is presented that describes injection pulling in time and frequency domains. An identity obtained from phase and envelope equations is used to express the requisite oscillator nonlinearity and interpret phase noise reduction. The behavior of phase-locked oscillators under(More)
This paper describes the issues and tradeoffs in the design and monolithic implementation of direct-conversion receivers and proposes circuit techniques that can alleviate the drawbacks of this architecture. Following a brief study of heterodyne and image-reject topologies, the direct-conversion architecture is introduced and effects such as dc offset, I=Q(More)
This paper presents a study of phase noise in two inductorless CMOS oscillators. First-order analysis of a linear oscillatory system leads to a noise shaping function and a new definition of Q. A linear model of CMOS ring oscillators is used to calculate their phase noise, and three phase noise phenomena, namely, additive noise, high-frequency(More)
The unlicensed band around 60 GHz can be utilized for wireless communications at data rates of several gigabits per second. This paper describes a receiver front-end that incorporates a folded microstrip geometry to create resonance at 60 GHz in a common-gate LNA and active mixers. Realized in 0.13m CMOS technology, the receiver front-end provides a voltage(More)
A limiting amplifier incorporates active feedback, inductive peaking, and negative Miller capacitance to achieve a voltage gain of 50 dB, a bandwidth of 9.4 GHz, and a sensitivity of 4.6 mVpp for a bit-error rate of 10 12 while consuming 150 mW. A driver employs T-coil peaking and negative impedance conversion to achieve operation at 10 Gb/s while(More)
Deep submicron CMOS technologies offer the high speed and low power dissipation required in multigigahertz communication systems such as optical data links and wireless products. This paper introduces the design of two communication circuits, namely a 1/2 frequency divider and a phase-locked loop, fabricated in a partially scaled 0.1 m CMOS technology.(More)
A 10-Gb/s phase-locked clock and data recovery circuit incorporates an interpolating voltage-controlled oscillator and a half-rate phase detector. The phase detector provides a linear characteristic while retiming and demultiplexing the data with no systematic phase offset. Fabricated in a 0.18m CMOS technology in an area of 1 1 0 9 mm, the circuit exhibits(More)