Behzad Parviz

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A new entropy-like measure as well as a new measure of total uncertainty pertaining to the Dempster-Shafer theory are introduced. It is argued that these measures are better justified than any of the previously proposed candidates. This is a short note on the generalization of the Shannon entropy from probability theory to the Dempster-Shafer theory (DST).(More)
Even though the Genetic Programming (GP) mechanism is capable of evolving any computable function, the means through which it does so is inherently flawed: the user must provide the GP engine with an evolutionary pathway toward a solution. Hence Genetic Programming is problematic as a mechanism for generating creative solutions to specific prob-
This paper describes ongoing research work to build a network management system from autonomous software agents, using the BT Zeus Agent Building Toolkit. The network specific to this work is a 6-Node ATM Testbed, which is fully reconfigurable; however, it is intended that the management system is generic enough to be implemented on different networks. Each(More)
J2EE components and APIs have remained largely unmined, and their potential as performance barometers therefore largely unrealized, because the tools businesses have traditionally wielded to service transactions - database servers, directory services, application servers themselves - have been unable to provide businesses and software developers the access(More)