Behzad Hassani

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Recognizing facial expression in a wild setting has remained a challenging task in computer vision. The World Wide Web is a good source of facial images which most of them are captured in uncontrolled conditions. In fact, the Internet is a Word Wild Web of facial images with expressions. This paper presents the results of a new study on collecting,(More)
BACKGROUND There are few recommendations about the use of cardiac markers in the investigation and management of atrial fibrillation/flutter. Currently, it is unknown how many patients with atrial fibrillation/flutter undergo troponin testing, and how positive troponin results are managed in the emergency department. We sought to look at the emergency(More)
This paper is devoted to the simultaneous weight and stiffness optimization of two dimensional structures. The necessary optimality conditions are derived and the obtained optimality criterion is briefly explained. Based on the paradigm of cellular automata, a local rule is constructed which alleviates the well known problems of mesh dependency and(More)
— Automated Facial Expression Recognition (FER) has been a challenging task for decades. Many of the existing works use hand-crafted features such as LBP, HOG, LPQ, and Histogram of Optical Flow (HOF) combined with classifiers such as Support Vector Machines for expression recognition. These methods often require rigorous hyperparameter tuning to achieve(More)
Salicylic acid (SA), a naturally occurring plant hormone, is an important signal molecule known to have diverse effects on biotic and abiotic stress tolerance. In this study the effects of exogenous application of different levels of SA (0, 250, and 750 µM) in hydroponic culture on hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and MDA generation, the content of soluble proteins(More)
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