Behnam Pourbabai

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In this paper, a new formulation for the inverse kinematic problem in cartesian coordinates is developed, to analyze the movement of a robot arm with multiple links from one point in space to another point. In this model the only decision variables are the coordinates of each joint of the robot arm with respect to the base of the robot arm, and the only(More)
-Given that the &stnbutlon of the mterarnval time of the amval process of a tandem queuemg system consisting of a set of fimte capacRy G/M/1 queuemg systems, each wRh generally dtstnbuted mterarnval time (t e G), a single Markovtan server (t e M), and the first come first served queuemg dtsophne (t e 1) are given and the acceptable probabthty of findmg each(More)
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