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Hand gesture recognition based on computer vision is considered as an efficient approach to establish communication between human and computer. This research provides a novel system to recognize dynamic hand gestures as different functions of mouse. For this purpose, a white glove is utilized in which fingertips have five different colors. Then, based on(More)
This paper presents a node-level self-organizing interference avoidance scheme (SIAC) between multiple coexisting wireless body area networks (WBANs) that incorporates self-organization and smart spectrum allocation. It follows a biologically inspired approach based on the theory of pulse-coupled oscillators for self-organization. The proposed scheme makes(More)
We aim to enable a computer to comprehend and perform the mouse functions by analyzing a video with hand motions. For this purpose, dynamic gestures are captured by a web cam and are recognized as pre-defined gestures which are used to suggest mouse functions. The proposed algorithm initially detects the hand. Then, it tracks fingertips' trajectories within(More)
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