Behnam Aghabeigi

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A review was undertaken to assess the outcome of treatment in 66 patients for whom a titanium prosthesis was provided for the repair of a calvarium defect. While many aspects were satisfactory, certain disappointing features led to a prospective pilot study which enabled the following problems to be identified: (a) poor communication between neurosurgeon(More)
A method for the estimation of the synovial fluid volume of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is described. Patients are administered 1.2 g of aspirin and the concentration of salicylate in plasma and in saline aspirates of the TMJ is measured by a sensitive high performance liquid chromatography assay. The ratio of the concentration of salicylate in the(More)
This prospective study was carried out to assess the morbidity of the retromandibular approach in the management of condylar fractures. Twenty consecutive patients underwent open reduction and internal fixation of their condylar fractures using this technique. Branches of the facial nerve were encountered in six cases (30%). Temporary weakness of the facial(More)
A case is presented of an ethmoid osteoma, which was discovered during the investigation of an orbital floor fracture. The osteoma was removed at the same time as orbital floor repair and special attention paid to preserving the medical canthal structures.
Blood vessels were investigated both stereologically and ultrastructurally in keratocyst and dentigerous cyst. The volume and surface densities of blood vessels in 15 keratocysts and dentigerous cysts were analyzed stereologically. No significant differences were found between them using these parameters, suggesting that their overall vascularity may be(More)
34 patients with chronic idiopathic orofacial pain were assessed by a structured clinical interview for diagnosis of mental disorders according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-III-R). Five (15%) had a history of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which coincided with the pain onset. The majority of these PTSD sufferers(More)
The pivotal role that eyebrows play in facial expression and aesthetics is widely accepted, along with the difficulties faced by surgeons in reconstructing defects in this area. The case study presented demonstrates reconstruction of a traumatic eyebrow defect using a post-auricular composite graft in combination with a microfollicular hair transplant(More)
This study examined the prevalence of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) signs and symptoms in patients with anterior open bite. The influence of orthognathic surgery on the TMJ in these patients and the interaction of occlusal and psychologic variables on the presence and/or persistence of pain was studied. A retrospective survey of 83 patients with an anterior(More)
Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) saline aspirates, obtained from the upper joint space of 17 patients undergoing TMJ arthroscopy under general anaesthesia were assayed for the presence of nitrite, a stable metabolite of nitric oxide by a spectrophotographic method using the Griess reaction. Measurable levels of nitrites were found in the saline aspirates of(More)