Behlul Behluli

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The poultry red mite (PRM), Dermanyssus gallinae (D.g.) is a serious ectoparasitic pest of poultry and potential pathogen vector. The prevalence of D. g. and the prevalence of Salmonella spp. within mites on infested laying poultry farms were investigated in Kosovo. In total, 14 populated layer farms located in the Southern Kosovo were assessed for D. g.(More)
A survey was carried out to assess the occurrence of canine echinococcosis in naturally infected dogs in Kosovo. Using the flotation-ovassay technique, taeniid eggs were found in 23 (7.5%) out of a total of 305 dogs. Eggs from other helminths were detected as well: hookworms 139 (45.5%), Trichuris sp. 87 (28.5%), Toxocara sp. 42 (13.7%), Toxascaris leonina(More)
The objective of this applied field study was to assess the feasibility of successfully performing bovine embryo transfer in the Republic of Kosova-a feat that had not yet been accomplished in this newly independent (2008) eastern European country. Three Holstein heifers at the Iowa State University dairy farm were superovulated with a conventional(More)
INTRODUCTION Mastitis is one of the most frequent and costly disease in cattle. We studied milk samples from cattle with mastitis from farms in Kosovo to identify mastitis-causing pathogens and possible effective antibiotics. Our ultimate goal is to help implement adequate antibiotic management and treatment practices in Kosovo METHODOLOGY: A total of 152(More)
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